Professional Website Audit for SEO

Here at SEO Copy, we believe that every website deserves a thorough audit to achieve its maximum potential. From making wholesale changes, to picking up any issues that cost you valuable traffic, our comprehensive service will have your website looking a hundred times better.

But why should you consider an SEO audit? Simply put, by allowing us to take an in-depth look into your website’s workings and features, we’ll diagnose and fix any lingering problems, leaving your website in better stead in terms of personal goals and overall Google ranking.

Some clients find they need help correcting a Google penalty or that certain online features are troubling their visitor. Whatever the issue, we understand your frustration. With experience on countless SEO audits for many satisfied clients, we offer a personable, hassle-free approach to helping you optimise your business prospects and understanding the ins and outs of running your website.

Be wary of companies who throw in a free audit as part of their services. The offer may seem enticing at first, but the truth is that these businesses use automated software that yields very vague and unsatisfactory results. We guarantee an attentive, close reading of your entire website that is a hundred times more valuable than any computer program alone.
Our services include the following:

Keyword Research

Keywords are crucial to your website’s chances of getting towards the top of Google. Whether you need new keywords or your current ones are desperate for reviewing, our in-depth research will ensure that you target the right phrases for your demographic. Keywords are your best friend in the battle for search engine supremacy, which is why we offer an analysis of your competition. If similar companies are using the same keywords, we’ll be able to determine how difficult it will be to rank alongside them.

On-site Analysis

We take a close look at numerous on-site factors than can affect how compatible your website is with leading search engines. We understand how the likes of Google and Bing make their way around your website, so we want to make sure that your crucial pages are easily visible. If they can’t see them, potential clients won’t either. Some of these technical problems are difficult to pick up on if you don’t know what you’re looking for, which has a very detrimental impact for you and your business. It’s our job to eliminate that risk.
Search engines use a number of formulae to determine whether or not your website is relevant to a search query. This often requires a careful strategy regarding how you target them. We will not only identify the most important keywords but also map them to the pages on your site. We like to think of this as putting up signposts to help Google figure out everything they need to know about your business.

Off-site Analysis

When people venture into the digital world, they don’t realise the effect a positive backlink strategy will have when reaching the desired clientele. Anybody in the SEO business will tell you that the vast majority of activity that contributes to your search engine ranking happens on other websites. From backlinks directing others to your page, to your online presence on social media, we understand the places search engines look to determine their rankings. Therefore, it is paramount that you have somebody alongside you who understands the strength and effectiveness of the links pointing towards your site and, perhaps more importantly, knows how to improve upon them. This is key to any SEO approach and something we take very seriously – backlinks are the backbone of any successful online business.

Competitive Analysis

By taking the time to research the competition for your keywords, SEO Copy can deduce the best possible way to approach your SEO strategy. We analyse similar businesses and their backlink profiles to see what does and doesn’t work. But here’s the real bonus – we don’t just copy what everybody else is doing. We come up with ways to target the areas where other companies are lacking. We learn from their positives and take advantage of their negatives. In short, we try to help you do everything you’re competitors are doing, but do it even better.