At SEO Copy, we take pride in our high-quality, reliable copywriting service and recognise that intelligent, engaging and original content is the hallmark of success for any business.

We understand that businesses, more specifically online businesses, rely on their abilities to convey their ethos and message to their potential clients. As SEO specialists, we like to keep an eye on your website’s content and its potential to be seen by search engines – after all, it’s our job to make you look as appealing as possible in the eyes of Google and the rest. As a result, the demand for searchable sites filled with engaging content is higher than ever.

Nowadays, Google looks favourably on copy that is original, relevant and exquisitely written, while ruling out poor and inaccurate sites. It used to be the case that you could fill a page with as many keywords as you could think of and find yourself climbing towards the summit of Google’s first pages. Now it isn’t so simple – it’s crucial that you have SEO friendly copy that is both accurate to your business and engaging for the reader. We don’t shun keywords, rather incorporate them as a means of reaching your target audience without being overbearing.

We work with a number of trusted copywriters with invaluable years’ experience creating web-based content. Together we make sure that all of your pages are coherent and satisfying for those all-important search engines while maintaining all creative panache and integrity.

Whether you need an entire website’s worth of copy or simply some rewording of your current content, we’ll work diligently with you to come up with results that more than exceed your expectations.

So what can you expect to receive as part of pristine copywriting service?

Our content packages include:

• Flawless content that incorporates keywords effectively and strategically
• Regular pages of copy that support and maintain your SEO strategy
• Professional quality control regarding new and existing website copy
• Thorough proof-reading and editing on all of your web pages